Megamouth washes ashore in the Philippines

Megamouth shark in the Philippines

An incredibly neat and rare sighting of a megamouth shark has been confirmed in the Philippines. They are related to the basking shark and feed off of plankton and jellyfish. Not much is known about their range because they are so rarely seen in the wild.

I imagine they probably don’t have huge population numbers, and reside in the vast stretches of open ocean rarely traversed by humans, like the middle of the Indian Ocean and Southern Pacific.


The Kraken is finally caught (on film)


Wow! The incredibly elusive giant squid has finally been caught on film, 2,000 feet under the surface in the Pacific Ocean. The world will have to wait for the reveal – it won’t be shown until the season finale of Discovery Networks Curiosity show.

I’ve got my DVR ready to go!