Great White Predator


Mysterious death of a tagged Great White Shark has scientists scrambling for answers. Was is just a simple case of cannibalism, or is there something HUGE living at 1900ft. (I think it may be the latter, and that would be really awesome to document!)


Dolphin washes ashore in Hawaii with Cookie Cutter Shark bite wounds


A local news outlet in Oahu, Hawaii is reporting that a dead dolphin washed ashore with a twist – there are signs of an attack from a rarely seen deep water shark! There’s no definitive reason for cause of death – usually the victims of this stealthy shark go on to live full lives, sporting a trademark and slightly disturbing scar as a souvenir of their encounter. It could have been the last straw on what was already a stressful day for this dolphin…

I think that it would have been really cool to see this interaction, er, attack on the dolphin by the elusive Cookie Cutter Shark, which literally takes plugs of flesh out of its prey with the aforementioned cookie cutter like mouth.

Here’s more on the shark and the original story