The Kraken is finally caught (on film)


Wow! The incredibly elusive giant squid has finally been caught on film, 2,000 feet under the surface in the Pacific Ocean. The world will have to wait for the reveal – it won’t be shown until the season finale of Discovery Networks Curiosity show.

I’ve got my DVR ready to go!



Dolphin Mourning.

It is amazing to see just how human dolphins are. This video captures a mother dolphin who reportedly carried her dead calf for three days at sea, using her dorsal fin. It is an emotional sight – a display of love and affection that one simply cannot duplicate anywhere else in the animal kingdom, save humans and chimpanzees/gorillas. For an animal so distantly related to apes and humans, it is fascinating to observe the mental capacity and sheer intelligence of the species as a whole. They are sentient beings.

The ocean (and world at large) is a fascinating place. Let’s remember that, and do our part to work towards a brighter future for all life on this planet, which includes respecting the natural habitats of the dolphins – the calf may have sustained a fatal injury from a boat propeller.