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Briny Lake of Death in Gulf of Mexico

A super dense, briny pool of water lies at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, fatal to all but a few shrimp, bacteria, and tube worms. The density of the pool is what keeps it confined below the rest of the water.

I’d recommend staying out of the pool!


Googly-Eyed Stubby Squid


And the award for cutest cuttlefish relative goes to…the Googly-eyed Stubby Squid! What will compete for top place in my heart next? The ocean never fails to amaze. What a strange eye evolution. You have to wonder what purpose those googles serve.


Megamouth washes ashore in the Philippines

Megamouth shark in the Philippines

An incredibly neat and rare sighting of a megamouth shark has been confirmed in the Philippines. They are related to the basking shark and feed off of plankton and jellyfish. Not much is known about their range because they are so rarely seen in the wild.

I imagine they probably don’t have huge population numbers, and reside in the vast stretches of open ocean rarely traversed by humans, like the middle of the Indian Ocean and Southern Pacific.


Fish ID from Nova Scotia

Great ID work! Killifish are a very interesting family. A challenge to keep in captivity, and often quite beautiful!

I Want To Be A Marine Biologist

Joel from Nova Scotia caught some small fish and asked us what species they were.  image (1)image

image (2)image (3)

Any guesses before I answer Joel?

OK Joel, thanks for the question.  This species is known as the mummichog.  It’s a member of the topminnow or killifish family.  It’s scientific name is Fundulus heteroclitus.  They are small fish usually less than 5 inches and can show up with gorgeous white and yellow spots over a green, tan body. The females are typically larger, paler, and drabber.  The males can have vivid coloration especially in the breeding season.

Mummichog live in shallow marsh habitats. They are extremely abundant in these marsh areas of the western Atlantic.  They are very hardy and can survive in difficult conditions with high temperatures, pollution, or low oxygen levels.  They will eat just about anything that can fit in their mouth, dead or alive.  Being small, they are a very important prey species to…

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Record Size Warsaw Grouper caught off coast of Louisiana


Look at this incredible specimen! It is astounding how large this family of fish can get if left to live full lives. It is interesting to note that many of the recent large catches have been around the bases of offshore oil rigs. Would make for an interesting study of a microhabitat in the immediate vicinity of rigs.

Source: http://www.ketknbc.com/news/outdoors/texas-angler-hauls-in-monster-fish