New Zealand shark attack


The big ocean news as of late has been the shark attack death of a New Zealand filmmaker. It is the work of a suspected 14 foot Great White Shark, which are frequently found off the coast of New Zealand at this time of year to breed.

Police attempted to shoot and kill the shark, but it was too late to save the man. It was also not determined if the shark was hit, as it swam away.

Perhaps the most important statistic to remember before getting too scared about sharks (a major pet peeve of mine): According to the University of Florida International Shark Attack File, 80 people worldwide were bitten by sharks last year. Seven of those were fatal attacks.

To clarify: Out of 7 billion people, 80 were hurt, and only seven were killed by sharks.

While this attack was certainly tragic for those involved, it is important to remember the rarity of such attacks worldwide and even in New Zealand, where this was only the 14th attack recorded since 1830.


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