Is more Algae the solution to Global Warming?

A fascinating (and true) observation has come up about curbing global warming: increasing algal cover in the oceans. These algaes absorb carbon dioxide and help sequester it under the surface of the water.

To grow more algae, nutrients have to be added to the system. Iron is a key constituent of an oceanic “fertilizer” that could cause a controlled algal bloom. The main risk of adding iron to the ocean is the obvious threat of poisoning other life. This is a procedure that must be carefully observed and carried out in smaller scale experiments before being performed on a larger scale.

Fun fact: the oceans contain the largest amount of carbon dioxide in the world!

Unfortunately, a rogue Eco-engineer in Canada decided to illegally dump the fertilizer cocktail into the ocean, and the results have been successful. Satellite imagery shows an unnaturally large bloom for the time of year. What the man did was still illegal, and I doubt his “experiment” was for altruistic, world-saving reasons.

We should explore our options to curb global climate change, but we must not recklessly endanger what precious life we have left in the process!


More coming soon- typed from my iPhone!


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