Animal Planet’s Mermaid Postulation


There has been a controversial mockumentary playing on the History Channel lately (Mermaids: The Body Found) that proposes that not only are mermaids real, but they share a common ancestor with humans and that the government has kept their existence a secret.

Now I am all for new and weird things in the ocean, and that human kind definitely doesn’t know what all lies beneath the blue waters of the oceans, but I feel this conspiracy is a little far-fetched. The story is not even what bothered me, it was more the silly and cheesy computer animation of the so-called merpeople.

The morphology hypothesis is intriguing. Lots of creatures, particularly amphibians, reptiles, and fish, share common ancestors across land and water. Life itself began in the oceans. Some species have returned to the water after being terrestrial – such as the hippo, which is believed to have come from an ancestor of the modern day horse. The presentation of all these theories was just undercut by that animation. I’m sorry, but I’d rather read a dry research paper than think of mermaids in that computer-generated light.

Perhaps one day when we do meet the mermaids in the lost city of Atlantis, we can put this whole silly project behind us. I hope they aren’t so offended that they force the ocean’s creatures to war with humanity. We don’t stand a chance, people!

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